The staff made our wedding party. Turned up, got stuck in and were really proactive in looking for what needed doing. They took charge, organised things, took all the big stresses and little details in their stride.

Hospitality Staff

Each candidate goes through an initial individual interview with a senior member of the company and is then assigned to work with a supervisor until we are sure that what is written in their CV actually matches the candidate’s capabilities. Many in our team are professionals on a career break, in between jobs or just doing this for a living as they enjoy the freedom of working as a freelance.



  • Waiters and Waitresses

    This is our core staff, ideal to serve drinks and canapés, man a bar with basic drinks, serve stand-up dinner or buffet and clear. Our waiting staff are happy to help setting up the venue, collecting coats from your guests, warming up and plating canapés, clearing around, loading the dishwasher and washing up the occasional container/tray.

  • Elite Staff

    Staff can only achieve “Elite” status after working at least one year with us and continuously receiving positive clients’ feedback. Their names will be most likely mentioned in one or more of our FreeIndex and Google reviews.

  • Butlers

    A butler should be your choice if you are organising an important business lunch or a formal dinner. Our butlers have a minimum of 5 years of hospitality experience, most of whom have a good wine knowledge and possess outstanding silver service skills.

  • Supervisors

    Supervisors are the most experienced waiting staff, able to manage a team of up to 12 people. Their presence ensures that neither you nor anyone from your company or family has to be present or concerned with the service. Just tell our supervisor what you need to be done and he/she will sort it out for you.

  • Mixologists

    Our mixologists have at least 3 years of experience, know all the classic cocktails and are happy to improvise with your bar stock. They will bring with them basic bar equipment including 1 shaker, sieve, bar spoon, muddler and 50ml thimble measure.

  • Sommeliers

    You have saved some top wines for this special occasion or have organised a dinner for a client that will serve some rare wines and want a professional to handle the wine service. We have a few professional sommeliers in our books.

  • Managers

    These are our “crème de la crème” staff, having held similar positions in 5* hotels, other catering companies, or even better, raised through the ranks while working with us! Running events and managing teams is what they do best.

  • Security Staff

    Better safe than sorry! All our security staff have valid SIA Door Supervisor Front Line License and a minimum of 2 years traceable experience within the security industry. They are reliable, in both attendance and timekeeping, well groomed, and have excellent customer service skills and good command of the English language.

  • Other

    Other hospitality staff we can provided include Kitchen Porters, Hostesses, and Cloakroom Attendants

The staff were very discreet and professional. We had a very homemade wedding and on the day there were several things that were missing and equipment that was needed. They were all very resourceful and I was unaware of any hiccups.

Private Chefs

A private chef is a great solution when you want to entertain your guests from the comfort of your home or save time and have a classy meal in one of your boardrooms. We work in partnership with some amazing private chefs who will spend time understanding the kind meal you want to organise, the feel that you want to give it and then, keeping your budget in mind, present a proposal.

  • Canapés

    They say the best things come in small packages. Add a touch of style to your event by serving one-bite wonders, nicely arranged on a tray or platter. Your guests will enjoy the party more, being able to freely walk around and make friends with each other.

  • Bowl Food

    Also known as mini meals, bowl food is an effective and stylish way to feed any number of guests in a relaxed atmosphere without having to sit everyone at dining tables.

  • Plated menu

    A sit-down meal creates a great sense of occasion and is the most usual format for a wedding reception.

  • Buffet, sharing plates

    The best reason to opt for a buffet at your party is that it offers your guests a full meal with the benefit of them being able to choose which foods to eat. A perfect solution for informal occasions.

Irina and her crew have been beyond fabulous ! Very professional and with a great attitude. Everyone was impressed by your work guys.


Have you got an enquiry?

Please fill out the simple form below and we will get back to you within one working day. If you require a quotation give us as much information as possible.

  • How do we pay?

    You can pay by bank transfer, cheque or card. Please note that credit card and debit card payments incur, respectively, a 3% and 1.5% processing fee. We do not accept American Express. If you have an account then your payment is in 7 day payment terms. Otherwise full payment will be due before your event.

  • Do we have to book staff for a minimum period?

    Yes we have a 4-hour minimum booking period within zone 3 of the underground. Other areas will have longer minimum booking depending on distance from London and ease of transport.

  • Do we have to book the staff taxis?

    No, if the event is within zone 2 of the underground. For simplicity and clients’ peace of mind after 23.30 we charge a £20+VAT late night fee per staff, allowing the staff to organise their own transport. Events outside of zone 2 will be quoted on a case by case basis

  • Do you charge late night or Sunday overtime?

    For events taking place within zone 2 of the underground, after 23.30 we charge a £20+VAT late night fee, per staff . Events outside of zone 2 will be quoted on a case by case basis. We charge double rates on NYE, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Easter.

  • Do we have to give the staff food and drinks?

    Staff must have access to water. Food it’s at your discretion.

  • Can I ask my staff to stay longer on the night?

    Although this will be at their discretion, our staff know that this business requires flexibility and in most cases will be happy to stay longer.

  • Do we have to pay for travel time?

    Within zone 2 and between 7am and 11.30pm travel is free. However outside zone 2 the costs for transport and increased travel time to staff will be charged. This will be quoted to you.

  • Can you recommend a company to hire equipment and to get drinks from?

    Yes. We are always happy to help and once you place a booking with us can give you the details of our preferred suppliers.

  • Should we tip our staff?

    This is up to you. Our staff will surely appreciate if you do.

  • Do I need to give the staff breaks?

    As per law, staff have the right to a 20 minute break if they are doing a shift of over 6 hours straight and this must be during that shift, not at the beginning or the end.

  • What’s your staff standard uniform?

    Leather black shoes (ladies may wear ballerinas), smart black trousers and long sleeve black shirt. For more formal occasions we can wear white shirt, black tie and black waistcoat.

  • Which areas do you cover?

    We cover all areas that are reachable by either tube or overground, including Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex. One-way travel time and train fares will be charged.