The staff made our wedding party. Turned up, got stuck in and were really proactive in looking for what needed doing. They took charge, organised things, took all the big stresses and little details in their stride.

Why Choose Us

Salt & Pepper Events is a dynamic, fast-growing catering and event staffing agency in London, specialising in supplying high-calibre, personable staff for private parties, corporate events and corporate hospitality.

All our staff have a minimum of 2 years of experience in hospitality and have been working for top catering and events companies, restaurants, bars and hotels. We only employ people who have a can-do attitude and great attention to detail, work with a smile and speak fluent English.


  • Quality Catering and Hospitality Staff

    We think our staff are our most valuable asset and pay good money to ensure we select and retain the best people in the catering business. Nevertheless we charge our clients industry standard rates! We believe that by giving you and our staff a fair deal, in the long run, we will be more successful than our competitors.

  • Over 15 years of experience

    Hospitality is our passion and we have been working in this industry, in one way or the other, for over 15 years. Five star hotels and prestigious catering agencies both in the UK and abroad have been our training ground.

  • We see ourselves as an extension of your business

    We will provide catering staff who reflect the characteristics and requirements of your company. We do not just send anyone but instead try to match the staff to an assignment. As we are a family-run business we can provide more flexibility and bespoke solutions.

  • Friendly and Reliable Core Team

    Valuing quality rather than quantity, we have a strong core team, which means our event staff work together very often and possess that team feeling rarely seen in larger groups. Our clients are very likely to see the same faces again and again, working with catering staff who know how their business is run.

  • Excellent Customer Reviews

    Our average review score, based on over 400 online reviews, is 4.9/5. We are so confident you will be satisfied with our waiting staff that after each assignment we will send you a link to our and Google page where you will be able to write a genuine, independent, unedited review.

  • Available 24/7

    We are happy to talk to you at a time which is most convenient to you, be it early in the morning, late in the evening or at the weekend.

I used Salt&Pepper team to run a cloakroom at a party for 400 guests. Having been stung in the past with poor cloakroom service it was important that the cloakroom was run perfectly. This definitely was the case – the team ensured the whole process was perfect!

About Us

People work for and buy from people, that’s why whether you are thinking of hiring us or joining us, we’d like you to find out a bit more about who we are and what we do.

  • Who

    Having been founded by hospitality professionals Alan Calzari and Annabel Foxley, Salt&Pepper source and develop outstanding people in the catering business who go above and beyond to deliver memorable bespoke experiences to clients in and around London. Our charismatic international team boast genuine passion for events, food and drinks, years of experience, practical knowledge, and exceptional customer service skills.

  • What

    We feel that our catering staffing services in London are best matched with small to medium size catering companies; businesses organising events such as staff parties, client events, charity events and corporate dinners; house parties and fine dining. Being a family-owned business we understand the challenges SMEs face and we are happy to offer advice on staffing levels, equipment needed, party decor and general planning. We like to think and feel that we are working “with” our clients rather than “for” them.

  • Where

    We operate mainly in London, but we don’t mind travelling a bit further. This will mainly depend on the availability of staff who can drive or other possible travel arrangements.

  • Why

    We set up the company because we felt there was a gap in the market for high quality hospitality staff for hire.

I was concerned that for such a small (and last minute) booking I might not get a first class service, but I did and I’ll definitely use Salt&Pepper again.


Have you got an enquiry?

Please fill out the simple form below and we will get back to you within one working day. If you require a quotation give us as much information as possible.

  • How do we pay?

    You can pay by bank transfer, cheque or card. We do not accept American Express. If you have an account then your payment is in 7 day payment terms. Otherwise full payment will be due before your event.

  • Do we have to book staff for a minimum period?

    Yes we have a 4-hour minimum booking period within zone 3 of the underground. Other areas will have longer minimum booking depending on distance from London and ease of transport.
    Security staff have a 5-hour minimum booking period.

  • What is your COVID policy?

    All of our staff test regularly and you can request their lateral flow test results one day before your event as well as their vaccination status. They also wear masks unless they are medically exempted.

    Events cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice should be paid in full unless this cancellation happens due to the government’s change in regulations.

  • Do we have to book the staff taxis?

    No, if the event is within zone 2 of the underground. For simplicity and clients’ peace of mind after 23.30 we charge a £30+VAT late night fee per staff, allowing the staff to organise their own transport. Events outside of zone 2 will be quoted on a case by case basis

  • Do you charge late night or Sunday overtime?

    For events taking place within zone 2 of the underground, after 23.30 we charge a £30+VAT late night fee, per staff . Events outside of zone 2 will be quoted on a case by case basis. We charge double rates on bank holidays as well s NYE and Christmas Eve.

  • Do we have to give the staff food and drinks?

    Staff must have access to water. Food is at your discretion.

  • Can I ask my staff to stay longer on the night?

    Although this will be at their discretion, our staff know that this business requires flexibility and in most cases will be happy to stay longer.

  • Do we have to pay for travel time?

    Within zone 2 and between 7am and 11.30pm travel is free. However outside zone 2 the costs for transport and increased travel time to staff will be charged. This will be quoted to you.

  • Can you help with equipment hire?

    Yes. We are always happy to assist with all your equipment needs. Please visit our equipment hire page for further information.

  • Can you help with party decorations?

    Yes. We can help with bespoke theme party displays, balloon walls, balloon garlands, etc. Please visit our party styling services page for further information.

  • Can a mixologist advise me on cocktails ingredients?

    Yes. Our experienced mixologists can provide a detailed ingredients and quantities list for your chosen cocktails depending on the number of quests and how long a party will last.  This will be done well in advance so you will have time to do the shopping.

  • Should we tip our staff?

    This is up to you. Our staff will surely appreciate if you do.

  • Do I need to give staff breaks?

    As per law, staff have the right to a 20-minute uninterrupted break if they are doing a shift of 6 hours or longer and this must be during that shift, not at the beginning or the end.

  • What’s your staff standard uniform?

    Leather black shoes (ladies may wear ballerinas), smart black trousers and a long sleeve black shirt. For more formal occasions we can wear a white shirt, a black tie and a black waistcoat.

  • Which areas do you cover?

    We cover all areas of London that are reachable by either tube or overground. We may be able to help with destinations further away but it would depend on the availability of staff who can drive. One-way travel time and train fares/fuel will be charged.