Choose the Right Catering Staffing Agency in London

With so much choice in London, it is often very difficult to tell the difference at the first glance between a trustworthy company that puts clients first and strives to deliver exceptional customer service, and a business that will cut every corner to ensure its profitability.

When you look for a catering staffing agency in London, make sure you pay attention at the following:


Have a look at the website of a catering staffing agency and make sure it looks professional. If they have put some thought into it they probably will put some effort into recruiting their staff too. However, don’t be impressed by pages and pages of text. Websites often have a lot of content to rank better in search engines.


Don’t believe all they say about training their staff in house etc. Very few will conduct regular trainings, most will have an induction day which includes some basic training. Catering is a hands on business and on-the-job experience is both essential and invaluable.

Online Reviews

Don’t take their word for it. Spend some time reading online reviews about the company. Be alert if you can’t find any, as a good catering staffing agency in London will always ask for clients’ feedback.
Please, read numerous independent reviews about us on Google and FreeIndex.

First Impression

Select the few you like and give them a call. Calling takes more time then writing a generic email, but will give you a chance to ask more questions and more specific ones, get an immediate reply and understand if the person you are talking to is clued up and their voice instills confidence and conveys passion. In fact, many times your decision will come down to the first impression you received.


If you don’t have the time for a call, send them an email asking for a quote. Always keep in mind that the price you pay will reflect the quality and experience of the staff you get. Check whether the quote includes VAT or not!

Tip: Unless it’s a very big party, you would be better off going for a smaller catering staff agency as your business will mean a lot to them.