Make Your London Party Rock by Choosing a Theme!

Choosing a theme for your private event in London is an exciting process. However it can sometimes become a little overwhelming. Where to start and how to come up with an amazing theme that everyone would enjoy and remember forever? You may be organizing a surprise birthday party for your better half or a pre-Christmas get-together for the neighbours, and want to bring your guests into a party spirit right from the door. Any party should be full of fun and spirit, so don’t be afraid to add a creative touch to your event.

Choices of themes for parties are endless and can depend on various factors, such as who the party is for, what the occasion is, and where would you like your event to take place. Brainstorming with your partner or a best friend could generate some great ideas. Write all of them down and create a shortlist, depending on your style, budget, season and availability of party décorations to suit the theme. The most important thing here is to start planning early, so finalize your choice at least four weeks in advance.

As a growing waiting staffing agency in London with a big focus on private events, we have a vast experience in working at the most fabulous themed events. Here are some bright examples of cool themes for parties from the past:


Occasion: Birthday Party, Halloween

Number of guests: 50

Venue: Private House in central London

Staff: 2 general waiting staff to serve food, drinks and clear

Food: Homemade

Our waiting staff were asked to join the fun by wearing whatever they felt like to fit the Master and Margarita theme of devils, seductive witches and cats.

Cool Themes for Parties in London
Salt&Pepper Events at The Master and Margarita Themed Party in London


Occasion: Birthday Party

Number of guests: 40

Venue: Boat, departed from Tower Millenium Pier, Lower Thames St, London

Staff: 1 general waiting staff to arrange the food and clear

Food: Waitrose snacks, pirate birthday cake, homemade jellies.

It was an incredibly fun London party, with real pirates dancing on the lower deck. The pirate skull birthday cake looked amazing!

Pirate Birthday Theme Party
Pirate Scull Birthday Cake and Homemade Jellies
Pirate Themed Birthday Party On a Boat
Food Arrangement by Salt&Pepper Events at Pirate Themed Party On a Boat

G&A THEMED PARTY: February 2015

Occasion: Birthday Party

Number of guests: 80

Venue: Priory Park Club, Kew, London, TW9 3BZ

Staff: 2 general waiting staff to arrange the food, serve drinks and clear

Food: Waitrose snacks, chocolate birthday cake

G and A are the first name initials of the party hosts, who asked their guests to wear letter ‘G’ and letter ‘A’ costumes. Our top five outfits: Ghostbusters, Great Gatsby, Giraffe, Alien and Apple Tree.

Unique Theme For Party
Ghostbusters Party Costume